This is a small selection of feedback from course participants, customers for my work and my smartWare, with some guestbook entries thrown in …

I would like to thank you for your time and hospitality that you showed on your course. I thoroughly enjoyed it … Everyone one at home has admired my box and I’m very proud of it.”

Adam P, UK.

Looking back now, what I got out of the 3 days was both confidence in how to do things and just superb techniques. I know all of these will stay with me – and there is no greater compliment of a training course than being able to say that.
Martin C, Kent, UK

Thank you so much for a wonderfully interesting weekend.  There was so much to take in. You made box making look so easy but what we didn’t see was all the time and effort you put in preparing the materials and jigs!
Jonathan M, UK

You have a very special environment you have created that allows you to be both creative – which you naturally are – and to be where you want to be in this increasingly stressful world!! The standard and quality of the work that you teach and produce is exceptional, and certainly sets the bar for any aspiring novices such as myself.
Jamie F, UK

 — I am already missing the tranquillity of your workshop and your good natured tutoring … just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for a great weekend, I have left with inspiration and fond memories, not to mention TWO bespoke boxes  ??
Ian McC, UK

I’m just back home after a wonderful day out at the Festival Hall. I took my 18 year old daughter Rachel, the singer, and we both enjoyed the music very much. What a gifted artist you are, to play so beautifully and to make such fabulous boxes. When the piccolo box is ready, will you play your flute for me when I come and collect the box?
Hannah M, UK

The weekend course I attended was an absolute delight. The three other guys on the course were a pleasure to meet, as was Andrew who’s calm careful explanations and demonstrations made everything seem so easy and logical.
Geoffrey L, UK

Thank you so much for all the knowledge you gave me last week. At the end of each day my mind was reeling trying to assimilate everything. Now I just need to get a press and some veneer……then I’m on my way! Both Elizabeth and I so enjoyed our stay in Shropshire, having never been to the county before we were delighted by how beautiful it is. We shall certainly be back.
Francis H, UK

Andrew your art work is with total expression of beauty, i have seen your work from the books to the website and try to emulate your skill, i’m am gradually striving. I use imported timbers and veneers fro around the globe too, but just practising at present, well done to be so creative. Ki ora friend
Darren H, New Zealand

Just had to say your boxes, especialy the painter’s boxes, are the most beautiful artistry I’ve seen! Exquisite design, beautiful, beautiful wood. You are a true master of the craft, and I should hope your boxes will some day, in the future, be treasures in a museum (if they can get them away from the owners!). Thank You.
Susan, Wisconsin, USA

– as soon as I got back to the workshop my confidence level skyrocketed and my quality level has risen as well. I’d say that’s a pretty good testament to your teaching skills and inspirational talents …
Terry W, Texas, US

I am still buzzing from the weeks course & the quality of the box I have made. This is of course is a reflection of your expert knowledge, skill & experience, I am truly delighted. The week has changed the direction of my life & I thank you warmly.
Tucker T, UK

[smartHinge] – Just wanted to let you know the hinges came in last week and they are “beyondgorgeous”. I will be ordering more soon.
Terry W, US

I particularly appreciated your teaching techniques where you walked the line between moving the activity forward while catering for the many questions and conversations that naturally come out of these sort of sessions. I know how hard it is to stay on track in these sort of situations and I thought you handled it brilliantly.
Stephen R, Australia

To my complete surprise, I seem to have arrived home with a desire to learn more and a rather nice looking box too. Nowhere near as perfect as one of yours, but a good first attempt i think. Obviously down to your expert skill in selecting and preparing the wood for us, to the care you took to explain everything and in setting your tools up so carefully that we couldn’t go too badly wrong.
Susan E, UK